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Inside The Mind

Watch Benji Bruce demonstrate how high-achievers think. Instead of just talking about it, he will use mind reading demonstrations that will blow people away.

Find out why Fortune 500 companies hire Benji Bruce for conferences when they want to do something different and make a huge impression.

"Unbelievable! That blew me away."         -Fox News

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Watch videos from live events where companies hired Benji Bruce as the motivational speaker to start the conference with something different. Benji Bruce uses interactive mentalism demonstrations in all his keynote presentations.

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What are the Speaking Topics?

Benji Bruce creates a powerful presentation that combines mind reading with inspiration to get audiences hyped up for the conference

If you\'re just looking for entertainment then mentalism is very different than most entertainment. Everyone is actively involved and they don\'t stop talking about it for a long time

When you see Benji Bruce on stage, you\'re watching the end result of years of training. But if you want to know to make your team better by reprogramming new us